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If you live somewhere chilly, you know that a winter suit isn't complete without the ideal outer layer: A Winter Coat. 

On the street at New York Fashion Week. Photo: Jeremy Kang/Fashionista

Living in a cold-weather climate means that you don't always get the chance to show off your attire; instead, your coat does the showcasing.

Within this look book you can choose a coat, (or more) that best fit your personal style.

And by picking a coat from our outerwear collection, not only is your outfit under your coat worth showing off, but your coat will be worth it too.

No winter outfit is complete without a great top layer, and in this case that is a coat from from FANGYÁN!

We hope you enjoy!

Traditional Coats:

We can’t have a blog post that is based on coats, without highlighting some of our traditional, everyday wear coats. These traditional coats are usually found in basic colors that can be worn for any day to day occasion like school or work.


The first coat we want to highlight is the Lillian Wool Coat. This beautiful white coat is hand sewn with double faced 100% pure merino wool. This coat is designed with long sleeves, and comes with a matching belt that fastens at the waist.


The second everyday coat we want to talk about is the Henry Coat. This coat comes in a light brown-beige color. The silhouette is oversized, and comes with a matching belt. 


Lastly, you can never go wrong with a black coat. The Black Esme Coat. This coat features long kimono sleeves, and can be worn open without the belt, or closed with the fastening belt at the waist. 

To be continued...

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