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ZI IICI IEN KNITWEAR | ZI II CI IEN, crafted by designer Zhichen, seamlessly blends art into fashion, bringing a relaxed, real-life approach with a bright, trendy, and whimsical style that embodies artistic aesthetics and the essence of island living. HOLIDAY SALE UP TO 60% OFF

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DC-based fashion curator FANGYÁN brings China’s best high-end indie designers to the States. A couple of years ago, during the height of the pandemic, Simin Zhu renamed her fledgling company. She came up with FANGYÁN ( to pay homage to her aim of curating pieces from China with a culturally anchored point of view.

At first, the co-founder’s business model was strictly e-commerce. But the fashion tide turned last year when the women opened pop-up showrooms in Georgetown and New York’s Soho. This year saw a wildly successful pop-up at Wesrfield Montgomery, and these fashion dynamos recently signed a lease to open a brick-and-mortar boutique in Georgetown this winter-showcasing Chinese fashion brands like Mukzin (seen on Grazia with Miranda Kerr) and ZI IICI IEN (Forbes 30 Under 30), along with hidden gems Molifusu, Rimless and Kitayama Studio...

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-Michael McCarthy


New FANGYÁN Store Is Open

FANGYAN Georgetown Store
1057 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington DC, 20007

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FANGYAN Westfield Montgomery Mall Store
7101 Democracy Blvd #1304, Bethesda, MD 20817