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Our Story

FANGYÁN 方言 (fāng yán) is a brand and US-based multi-label retail e-commerce. The name is inspired by the language diversity in China, paying homage to the brand’s aim of curating pieces from all around the country.

FANGYÁN is translated as “dialect”, meaning a variety of Chinese languages.

It is a representation of the country’s melting pot culture where chaos meets order. In this context, FANGYÁN arises in its true colors, as a fashion project that delivers not only great designs but actively plays a role in this trend of redefining what China actually is to a new and curious global audience.

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Our Mission

FANGYÁN's mission is to open a whole new world of fashion names consumers have been missing in the US. The brand carries emerging Chinese fashion brands along with its in-house luxury-feel designs with a common thread: supreme aesthetics that advocate for a unique identity, this of China.

“God created the world, the rest is made in China.”

By offering a diverse representation of Chinese talent and key trends, FANGYÁN provides new cultural take on such generalization summarized as: "Made in China, but Proudly Made and Designed in China.”

The designs range from capsule wardrobe to dynamic pieces for some je ne sais quoi, all injected with inherent Chinese craftsmanship, sophistication, and fashion point of view.

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