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Short Coat:

Our short coat collection consists of coats that fall at mid-thigh length, or at the hip. These coats are great for an extra layer when it’s not too cold, or for walking from your car to a restaurant or party. 


The first short coat we recommend is the Phoebe Wool Coat.  The Phoebe coat is a classy white blazer style coat that is great for truly any occasion. This coat was hand sewn with double faced 100% pure merino wool. The Phoebe Wool Coat features a double breasted design, and two flap pockets. 


The second short coat we selected is the Sharon Wool Gilet and Coat Set. This coat set features a coat with a vest underneath. This set comes in a light purple color, that is feminine and fun. The Sharon Wool Gilet Set is made from 100% pure merino wool, and features patch pockets. 


Lastly, the beautiful  Aurore Wool Coat, is a short coat we are obsessed with. This coat comes in a white color and is made from double faced pure merino wool. The Aurore Wool Coat features A-horn buttons, kimono sleeves, and a flap pocket. With this coat we just picture ourselves walking through a winter wonderland.  


Unique Coats: 

This blog post would not be complete without highlighting some unique coats, that we are sure you will be the only one rocking during the winter season! Our favorite part about styling a colorful coat, or a coat with a unique design is that we are able to let our personal style speak through our clothing! 

Choosing a colorful or uniquely designed coat is also great if you like to wear more neutral color outfits. 


The first coat we want to highlight is the Pearl Balmacaan Coat. This coat screams elegance and luxury! When we see our customers wearing this coat, we just picture them in a royal princess Netflix movie. The Pearl Balmacaan Coat is made up of wool, and features a beautiful johnny collar design. The coat has pearl buttons, and black and gold embroidery threading. This coat can be styled for any occasion and can easily dress up any outfit. 


The second unique coat in our outerwear collection we want to highlight, is the Hailey Scarf Coat. The Hailey Scarf Coat is one you won’t miss. This coat comes in a burnt orange color, and a matching fringe scarf. We love a good matching set, and with this coat, you’ll always have a scarf to go with your coat. The Hailey Scarf  Coat is hand sewn with pure double wool layering


The last unique coat featured in this section is the Eva Fringe Coat. This is another customer favorite coat, and we can give you a million reasons why we love it too. The Eva Fringe Coat falls at mid thigh length, which also means this is a short coat. Although the design of this coat makes this coat a better feature for our unique coat round up.

The Eva Fringe Coat is hand stitched in 100% pure merino wool fabric. The coat is designed as a wrap coat that features a belt that fastens at the waist. The coat has a deep V cut in the front, with fringe detailing following along the V, which makes the coat very flattering. 

By Rebecca Belo 

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