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DONGTU | Rhythm Gold Teapot Set

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Material: Celadon

Color: Blue haze,  Cheasnut


This authentic tea set was made in Longquan, where the celadon was one of China’s finest ceramics since Song dynasty. As the oldest Kilns of China, Longquan has a long history of pottery making and is famous for its handmade teaware. The ergonomic and lightweight tea set has a timeless design, and the cup is the most popular type of vessel for daily tea drinking in China.


5-Pieces Teapot Set

Include: 1 teapot, 1 tea lid, 2 teacups, 1 larget tray


Dimensions: L 9.5 x W 9.5 x H 6.2 cm
Capcity: 200 ml

Dimensions: L 6.3 x W 6.3 x H 4.5 cm
Capcity: 40 ml

Dimensions: L 33.5 x W 14 x H 2.5 cm