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ZI II CI IEN | Multi Striped Knit Wool Vest

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Fabric: 40% Wool

            22% Alpaca

            25% Acrylic

            13% Nylon

Color: Cream, Pink

Care: Dry clean


Fluffy and soft blend open front vest. Regular fit. Texture wool and alpaca blend fabric. Unlined. In this season, the philosophy of self-awakening in China and the West encourages people to understand the unique endowment value of themselves, touches the designer, and takes this as the inspiration theme to build a com­ plete series.The high-quality colored cashmere series launched this season. Through the designer's color match­ ing ability, the rich color combination can be utilized, and the precious raw materials can be fully digested to maintain the brand's consistent pursuit of the concept of sustainable and circular production.