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We hear the sleigh bells jingling, and we see snow falling on the ground.

That means it's the HOLIDAY SEASON!

From December to January there are so many different Holidays and along with different holidays come holiday celebrations.

You may celebrate the holidays with your friends, family, work or even in your school.

And because there are so many different holiday parties, we totally understand if you want an outfit for each celebration!

What you wear with your friends and family at a holiday party, may not be something your feel comfortable wearing at a work holiday party.

We know how stressful it can be to put together outfits that are appropriate for the environment you are in, fit your personal style, and fit into the holiday theme.

So that is why we handpicked a selection of items from our online store, and put together different outfits so you don’t have to do any work!

The outfits are organized by personal style, so if you know your personal style aesthetic, just scroll right to your section, and browse through the outfits we styled!

We created this Holiday Look book so that you can enjoy the holiday moments, and stop worrying about what to wear. 

For The Minimalist:

If you want a clean, simple holiday look, we have you covered. If you want a holiday outfit that is a step up from your everyday style, but still is minimal and clean, then this section is for you.



To keep it simple and clean, we recommend styling our Anemone Silk Shirt, which comes in a light blue color and is made from 100% Mulberry Silk. You can pair this silk shirt with our Mist Blue Drainpipe Pants. This look will be effortless and minimal. No extra details, or accessories.




If you want to style a dress for your minimalist holiday outfit, we recommend the Iris Empire Dress. This dress has a beautiful square neckline and falls at mid-calf length, which makes it a great dress for a work holiday event. The neckline and the ribbed detailing at the top, add a nice feminine layer. 



If you are a skirt girl, then we think an all-gray outfit is the perfect minimal look for you! Style our Gray Woolen Skirt and matching Crop Gray Blazer with a white or black top and some black heels or botties. This look also requires no effort, and is not over the top, giving you a clean, minimal holiday look. 



For The Stopper:

Looking to leave your mark this Holiday season? We know how to help!

We love seeing people style fun and colorful outfits during holiday gatherings and events. 

So, we put together some show stopping outfits that everyone will remember. 


If you want something that pops but does not have a lot of color, we recommend wearing our Trigram Set which has black and white plaid detailing. This set has one of the best pairings ever… fitted pants and cropped top. What else is better than that combo?! 




For our dress lovers, we recommend leaving a mark at your holiday event this season with our Jocelyn Silk Dress. The Jocelyn Silk Dress has red and black detailing and is lined with 100% Mulberry Silk. This dress is perfect for celebrating the holidays with your family. 



Another dress we recommend if you are looking to stand out this holiday season is the Legalism Dress. This dress has a beautiful blue color that will pair perfectly with the holiday season scenery. The dress also has a cut out on the shoulders, with ruffles, keeping the outfit fun but feminine.

To be continued...

By Rebecca Belo

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