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Winter is almost here! As we all know, layering is essential to surviving these brisk temperatures, and with the sun retiring earlier each day, there’s no sign of reprieve yet. It’s more important now than ever to make sure your wardrobe is ready for anything. Who wants to be caught outdoors freezing your tail off in a thin cardigan, or burning up the second you walk into a store because you’re stuck wearing a huge sweater because you didn’t wear anything underneath! But be wary, because your outerwear will make or break your look! Find which winter coat to rock this season with a little help from the stars.


As an Aquarius, you are not afraid to be different. The Aquarius is known for being an out of the box thinker, eager to take the road less traveled and stand up for what they believe in. You are the humanitarian of the signs, no one would be surprised if you were voted “most likely to change the world” in high school.


Eva Fringe Coat


The Eva Fringe Coat is perfect for this unconventional revolutionary. With a unique flair to satisfy your unconventional taste and enough functionality to keep you warm while you’re out saving the world! 


The Pisces is intuitive by nature and very artistic. This water sign is mutable and able to flow through situations, emotions, as well as the lines between fantasy, and reality. Pisces is the most sensitive of the signs, a sucker for romance and loves a good nap- you are the embodiment of sweater weather!


Aurore Wool Coat



The Aurore Wool Coat will keep you warm and cozy all season with impossibly soft Merino Wool and a wraparound hood that will have any Pisces cuddle bug feeling like they're wearing a hug! Amber horn button fastenings and V collar keep a stylish and romantic element, for the all around perfect Pisces vibe!



The ram of the signs. Always the first out the gate and loves to lead the pack. This headstrong fire sign likes to keep things simple, but makes sure to leave an impression.You are independent, passionate, and not afraid to jump right into the deep end!


Diana Wool Coat


The Diana Wool Coat is made for those who love to keep it classic while still making a statement. The striking jewel toned blue lets the room know that you aren’t afraid to be seen, while the traditional cut and lapel collar shows you mean business!




Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, the Taurus lives for luxury- and will never settle. The term “stubborn as a bull” has never been more true. You know what you want and will do what it takes to get it!


 Kira Wool and Silk Coat


The Kira Wool and Silk Coat will please any picky Taurus with luxuriously soft wool and silk fabric that will have you feeling chic while prioritizing comfort. The traditional camel tone pairs effortlessly with any look to keep your wardrobe timeless and functional. 




The electric twins! Geminis are always flitting around between parties, friend groups, cities, and careers. Insatiably curious with never enough time to pursue all their passions. Always wanting to learn something new, you’ll talk to just about anyone, at any time, about anything!


 Olive Splittable Wool Coat


The Olive Splittable Wool Coat brings the versatility that is necessary in every Geminis wardrobe. A trailblazer two piece set that pairs a chic blazer with a long open front vest. Wear them together, or separately! With this set you will be ready for whatever adventure you have planned for the day- or um, hour. 



Represented by the crab, cancers are masters at floating between both physical, and emotional worlds. Highly intuitive and sensitive to their surroundings, it might be tough to get through a cancer's shell, but when you do, their caring nature and spiritual gifts make them excellent companions.


Fleece Woolen Coat


The Fleece Woolen Coat checks all the boxes for your typical cancer. Thick fleece keeps you protected from whatever the elements throw your way, while a beautiful deep red color with subtle elegant detailing reflects your true hidden flame. 




The strong and steady Leo is the king of the celestial jungle! Always passionate, fiery, and loyal, everyone needs a Leo on their side. You aren’t afraid to take the spotlight and will always fight for what you believe in, enviable qualities those who rally behind you. 


Yuletide Coat


The Yuletide Coat is the show-stopper every Leo needs. You’re always ready to be seen and this piece will make sure of that! Bright colors with a bold pattern bring a unique character to this classic fit coat. Heavy weight lined wool ensures this coat has a strong constitution, just like you.




Everyone loves the steadfast Virgo in their life. Down to earth, sensible, and diligent, the Virgo will often find themselves as the “mom” of a friend group. You aren’t afraid to get down and have a good time, but will always be a shoulder to lean on and ready to pick up the pieces!


Lily Fleece Coat


The Lily Fleece Coat is sensible, yet modern, ideal for the practical Virgo. Elegant embroidery encapsulates cloud like fleece to give a classically chic look. The creme tone is wearable with any style and perfect for the Virgo who has much bigger business to attend to than their outfit choice.


The libra is all about balance. Always trying their best to bring symmetry and equilibrium into all areas of their life. Not afraid to try new things and see both ends of the spectrum, you value harmony in yourself and your relationships.


British Tartan Coat


The British Tartan Coat is the ultimate representation of balance that every Libra is looking for. You’ll settle into your feminine drapes on Monday, and rock a chic menswear set on Tuesday. This structured blazer coat is perfect for both! Layered over a dress or with some tailored slacks, this piece won’t disappoint. 



Scorpios are dynamic and mysterious, often the silent observers of the group- but don’t be mistaken, they are highly intuitive and very passionate. The Scorpio doesn't like small talk or pleasantries, but when they are ready to take the stage, be ready, because a Scorpio is always 10 steps ahead!


Fringed lace Coat


The Fringed lace Coat is unassuming from a distance, but the fringed lace edge, detailed knit fabric, and double button cuff, much like a Scorpio, is nothing to overlook. A polished and classic look with a little bit of edginess is the Scorpios signature style.



These restless roamers are always ready for an adventure. The Sagittarius is on a constant quest for knowledge and will follow their curiosity wherever it takes them. Represented by the archer, you are a straight shooter, your friends can always count on you to keep it real and always entertain them with stories of your latest adventures!


Purple Eira Coat


The Purple Eira Coat is bright and fun just like you! The front button closure and notch lapel keeps it smart while a vibrant purple and short length is versatile and sporty enough for any adventure.




Capricorns are the most strong and resilient of all the signs. Goal oriented and driven, they won’t let anything get in the way of their dreams. Capricorns have a strong head on their shoulders and come out of any challenge better from it!


Hellen Wool Coat


The Hellen Wool Coat is the perfect bit of drama for the chic and modern Capricorn. A blend of stylish and sophisticated with dropped shoulders and lapel collar will have you looking like a CEO whenever you step into a room.


By Samantha Miller

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